Our restaurant’s main focus is Italy’s traditional meat culture. We are particularly interested in the appreciation of butchery as a craft. Our high-quality products come from small farms in Italy, where animals are generally treated much better than elsewhere. The cattle and pigs of our supplier and long-time friend Dario Cecchini graze at a height of 1800 meters in a nature reserve of the Pyrenees.

The menu is inspired by the cuisine of northern Italy in particular but we are always open to new ideas. Our chef Amodio Iezza lends his special touch to each dish, creating unusual combinations and artistic arrangements. He pays special attention to sustainability and is always setting new standards.

We also attach great importance to contemporary art, as demonstrated by the impressive works of Gerhard Richter, Daido Moriyama, Alexander James Hamilton, Frank Thiel, and Roman Lipsky that adorn the restaurant.


Italy’s aperitivo culture is well and truly alive in our bar.
Manager Marco Piermarini offers frequent variations on the Negroni as well as other signature cocktails.